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  • Atlas Games Gloom 2nd Edition

    Gloom 2nd Edition

    The world of Gloom is a sad and benighted place. The sky is gray, the tea is cold, and a new tragedy lies around every corner. Debt, disease, heartache, and packs of rabid flesh-eating mice—just when...

  • Atlas Games Gloom Unhappy Homes Expansion

    Gloom Unhappy Homes Expansion

    The Gloom: Unhappy Homes expansion adds one player and 55 cards to the game. Here is a description of the expansion from the publisher:In the Gloom card game, you make your eccentric family of...

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  • Atlas Games Gloom Unquiet Dead Expansion

    Gloom Unquiet Dead Expansion

    The Game of Inauspicious Incidents and Grave Consequences! In the Gloom card game, you make your eccentric family of misfits suffer the greatest tragedies possible before helping them pass on to the...

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  • Atlas Games Munchkin - Gloom

    Munchkin - Gloom

    There are plenty of happy people in the world of Munchkin. Warriors who slay monsters, adventurers who grab loot, heroes who level up. Heck, halflings who stay at home eating pie all day. But the...

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