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    Bandai Digimon Card Game Case - BT05 Battle of Omni

    Digimon Card Game (Case) - BT05 Battle of Omni

    LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUAL BOXES? ORDER HERE NOW All time fan favourite Omnimon appears as the main character of the set! Series 5 also includes characters from the Digimon console game “Cyber Sleuth” that all Digimon fans will love! The Digimon...

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  • Bandai Digimon Card Game Case - BT04 Great Legend

    Digimon Card Game (Case) - BT04 Great Legend

    The packaging for the booster shows off new artwork of Shinegreymon and WarGreymon. Booster Set 4 contains 115 cards & the card distribution is: 44 Common 30 Uncommons 26 Rare 12 Super Rare 3 Secret Rares  Contents: Each booster contains 6...