About Us

Table Top Warfare was an idea born in December 2014 between two brothers. One was an avid gamer and the other, eager to learn a new hobby. Upon struggling to find a friendly community in their local area, they decided to create their own. With the help of another family member they aimed at engaging the local community and offering friendly customer service to all that walk in the door and so began their journey to change how gaming stores should look and feel.

It was hard work but 2017 began with the opening of their very small bricks and mortar store on a back street in Gawler. Shortly after, they gained the addition of another fellow gamer who believed in the same principles and together they have shaped Table Top Warfare into what it is now.

Today, in their much larger premises on the main street, you can see proof of the community that they created, as becoming Adelaide’s biggest gaming store would not have been possible without their support.

“Our goal is to not only provide the biggest range of games and accessories to the northern suburbs of Adelaide and the Barossa Region, but to also provide a clean, safe and accessible environment for players of all skill levels to come and play together.”

TTW have a multitude of different areas for gaming including a casual space on the ground floor with full disability access,wargaming rooms, a modelling room, and multiple private rooms for hire. This is all backed up with the customer service that many of our customers have come to expect from their favourite local gaming store.

Come in and get your game on at TTW today!